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I was 16 when I took my first trip to Spain. We were a group of young art and culture enthusiasts and, once we were inside the El Escorial Palace in Madrid, I was deeply struck by a tourist guide: she was a beautiful woman, elegant, enthusiastic and professional. I didn’t miss a word of what she said, but, most of all, I never forgot what went beyond her words: the deep love she had for her city.

On that day I decided that I also wanted to show to visitors my wonderful city through my eyes.

Italy is the country with the highest number of cultural assets in the world, and Veneto, together with Lazio and Tuscany, is the region with the highest concentration of cultural heritage in Italy.

Veneto is a region rich with art, history, culture, sea, mountain, hills, lakes, scenery, wine and food... nothing is missing in this land.

Venice, the queen of the sea, offers even today to its visitors “another” dimension, almost incredible in its incomparable beauty; but it is also a generous and open city, gifting the visitor with its alleys, fields or channels: you just have to learn about it and respect it.

Life is a journey...
travelling is living two times

                           Omar Kayyam